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There is a spot left for you for a free custom set up of your complete Yoonla™ Foundation system. We’ve even included a bunch of amazing bonuses as well so that you can have your digital lifestyle foundation set up and ready to start generating digital revenue by as soon as tomorrow. Watch the short video for exact details.

First things first: We do not currently charge the $297 fee for this set up, instead we provide it to you free of charge.


Well, we’ve only just launched the Yoonla™ and want to ensure that our first members get set up as fast as possible and without any hassle or issues. (We know the system inside out and can set this all up for you ready to go).

Plus, the completely Yoonla™ system is based on a win-win model, meaning, your success will be our success. I’ll explain more about this in the video.

This is what WE will do for YOU as part of this free custom set up:


green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up everything for you, the complete Yoonla™ Foundation System.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up The Foundation software onto your own personalised domain name.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up 3 digital information products for you that you can promote to generate revenue and commissions.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up a personalized websites and high converting sales pages.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up the complete integration of capturing leads on each of those websites so you can build your lead subscriber list and can tap into that list to generate more revenue and commissions any time you want.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up the complete automation process of your leads going into your digital sales funnel.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up a personalised automation campaign for you so that you can generate revenue even after someone initially signed up (automated email campaign follow up sequence).

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will set up integration of your digital marketing funnel with the Yoonla™ affiliate program so you can earn up to $5 or more per membership lead referral.

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will UPGRADE your affiliate account to the Yoonla™ VIP affiliate program where you will earn increased CPA commissions plus 60% on any Yoonla™ purchases your membership leads make inside Yoonla™. 

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will add you to our special Yoonla™ VIP Digital Marketers Facebook group (Learn how to excel as a digital entrepreneur and connect with other top digital marketers).

green_check-e1471304589123 YES, we will launch a special marketing campaign for you so that everything will be kicked into motion right away and you can start building your lead subscriber list and be set up to start generating digital revenue and commissions right away when we complete this custom set up for you (within 24 hours).

3 Steps to Claim Your Free Custom Setup

However, there are just two things you do need in order for the system to be set up and launched. Don’t worry, these are just two minor things if you don’t already have them.

STEP 1: 

==> Set Up Your iPage Domain & Hosting Account ($1.99 investment – receive a $200 advertising credit) – CLICK HERE

This is where we will upload your Yoonla™ Foundation software and system to, where we will set up your 3 digital products for you and the 3 websites that promote those 3 products. After we set things up for you, we will provide you with access to the Yoonla Foundation Software wizard so you can easily edit and make changes to your product websites.

iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance


==> Set Up your Automation & Autoresponder Account with GetResponse ($15 investment – 1,000 leads) – CLICK HERE

This service is required so that we can set up the integration with your products and websites we set up for you per step 1 above. When people sign up for one of your digital products, they can simply enter their name and email address into a pop up form and this will be linked to your GetResponse account so that you can build your leads database. Plus, we will integrate the complete system for you with  a pre-written high converting email follow up campaign for you inside your GetResponse email auto responder so that you can generate revenue and commissions days or even weeks after they initially sign up. (Hallelujah for automation!)

Also, once they sign up they will be automatically re-directed to your Yoonla™ affiliate url and you will start earning up to $5 in commission per membership lead with our CPA affiliate program. (Cha-Ching!) And of course the 60% commission on any Yoonla™ upsells and/or upgrades inside of Yoonla™ as well.

Please do ensure you register for at least the 1,000 (or more) lead/subscriber account with GetResponse, trial accounts will not have access to the API key which is required for us to connect your Yoonla™ Foundation system to your autoresponder.




==> Fill Out the Custom Setup Form so We Can Connect the Above 2 services With Your Yoonla™ System – CLICK HERE

Fill out the form at the link above with the required details so we can connect and integrate your iPage domain and your GetResponse automation account with your Yoonla™ Foundation system and have everything up and running, ready to go within 24 hours.

I’m looking forward to getting everything set up for you. You will be one of our very first Yoonla™ VIP members and getting in on the hottest digital lifestyle opportunity of 2017. I’ll be in touch with you shortly.



Reno Van Boven



[Disclaimer] Please note that we may be compensated for linking to third party advertisers, products or services. This is how we are able to recover some of the time and expenses that goes into providing the Custom Setup Offer to you free of charge. (Normally we charge $297)