Affiliate Landing Pages

New Affiliate Landing Pages / Yoonla™ Referral Registration Pages.

Okay, in case you have missed this post on Facebook: The front end funnel has been extensively tested and optimized. It is now LIVE. This is for generating free member referrals for the CPA commission. On this page your referrals can register and create account right away.

This is the process:

  • Someone goes through your affiliate link to the page below.
  • They register to create their account.
  • A verification link is send to their email address to confirm their account and create a password.
  • They click the link in that email, create their password and can login to their free Yoonla™ members area.
  • You will earn a commission!

No more add-to-cart links or creating free memberships through a shopping cart, which I believe reduced conversions. The process is more streamlined and easy to register for your referrals even if you send direct traffic through your affiliate link to the account sign up page.

This is the first page up which has a more personal approach. We will of course be split testing continuously from your traffic and from our own traffic to increase conversion rates more and more.

We will make different links available as well over the next week with different URLs and different approaches/squeeze pages so you will have full flexibility there and convert more of your targeted traffic.

Landing Page 1
For now, the main account creation page for Yoonla™ is:
(For example:
NOTE: This would be great for direct linking by passing your squeeze page.

Landing Page 2:
Or a simple Register Now page is at:
(For example:
NOTE: This page is great to link from as a “thank you” page url from your own squeeze page.

To find your affiliate ID, please login to your Yoonla™ affiliate panel at and you will see your affiliate link at the top of the dashboard.

The main affiliate URL will work as well.

Now let’s start converting and increase your digital revenue! 



Reno Van Boven